Tuesday, December 1, 2015

End of quince season - quince jelly

I still had a couple of quinces in the kitchen. They have such a great scent but in the end they have to be used up as well. So I decided to make quince jelly. Really easy peasy. First jelly in my life but one of the easiest things to do, I took the recipe from "Essen und Trinken" - a really great source for recipes.

Cut the quinces up in pieces, leave the peel on, just take off the stem. Put them at once in a bowl of water with lemon juice, so they will keep their color (more or less.)  Cook in water until soft - about 30-40 minutes. Then use a linen cloth or kitchen towel as a strainer and let the juice drop off. Add a little bit of orange or lemon juice to taste. Then I added the special canning sugar which contains pectine in order to make the liquid become jelly - measure about 1:1. You can also use sugar and add the pectin so you need less sugar, I guess I will try this next time.
Stir in pot about 5 minutes then put at once in the before sterilized glass jars.
I made some of the jars with chili pieces. They went to the top. Next time I guess I will put whole chilis inside, also for the look of it. - Perfect side dish for goat cheese - sweet and spicy!