Monday, May 25, 2015

Food blogger - not another one, please

You know, in this world there are such fantastic food bloggers with great ideas and awesome pictures. I don't think I can compete with them.

Actually - maybe this is also my kind of personal cook book - to share with whoever is interested in it. Nothing elaborate, for me the most important part of the cooking are the ingredients: trying to get them as fresh and unprocessed as possible. Of course I also use frozen stuff but try to use primarily seasonal food.

I get my ideas from different inputs: Might be something I tried in a restaurant,  a dish I had been talking about with somebody, a glimpse on the recipes in the internet or a cook book. The recipes usually are changed for different reasons: There might be an ingredient I don't like or don't have at home at this moment,  I replace ingredients because I thought it may be a better match, I might simply forget it (happens) or somebody else who's eating has certain preferences or diets (gluten free, lactose free, no onions etc etc)

During this blog I will refer to whatever I cooked myself or ate in a different place. I encourage beginners to start to cook themselves and not be afraid instead of buying already made stuff from the food industry. Do it for yourself! A little bit of fast food once in a while doesn't kill you, but don't make it your habit, please! And it is really simple and not as time consuming as you might think.

You will see that cooking is easy, go for it!
Happy cows in the center of Sardinia

Bread varieties

Fresh ingredients are the key to a healthy and tasty diet

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