Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cucumber raita my way

I got inspired by this one by a facebook post in one of my Giant Schnauzer groups.
Look at that cute picture:

Isn't that sweet? So I wondered what is a raita? Found out that it is an Indian recipe with cucumbers, yogurt and other ingredients like cumin seeds, garlic, coriander and cayenne.

Here is my raita recipe:
1 cucumber
2 cups of whole-milk yogurt
2 or 3 table spoons of pomegranate seeds
2 table spoons of roasted squash and sunflower seeds
sea salt (always use sea salt!)
Fresh mint leaves

How to:
Roast the seeds in a pan until they have a golden color
Grate the cucumber with a medium vegetable grater
Mix cucumber, yogurt, pomegranate and squash/sunflower seeds and salt
Garnish with chopped mint leaves.
Here we go, enjoy! - I love the crunchy taste of the seeds and the
lemony fresh flavor of the pomegranate with this dish

By the way, had to make my comment to the little dog which inspired me:

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