Thursday, July 23, 2015

Roasted hokkaido with gorgonzola cheese

Pumpkin is one of these vegetables it really took me a long time to really find a good way to cook it. My grandmother used to make stuff she called "platschenta" - a bessarabian dish, practically dough pockets stuffed with a pumpkin puree. In fact, she always had a garden full of really large specimens.
It smelled deliciously but the taste was neither sweet nor spicy or savory, just boring in my opinion. Later on I once tasted a Caribbean soup with black beans, chili and pieces of pumpkin, not too bad, the spicyness and the sweetness of the pumpkin got along really well.

So last year, I saw these pumpkins in season again and tried one of the recipes of Kevin's great food blog:
This was my inspiration.
My version:
I took hokkaido which has the advantage that you don't have to peel it. Whoever cut off the peel of a raw pumpkin or squash will remember that it isn't really fun and can be dangerous, too. The only worse thing to peel for me is a raw quince. 
As you see in the picture, it also looks beautiful with the dark orange peel. I just put a bit of Sardinian sea salt and pumpkin seed oil on the slices and let it roast in the oven until it got a bit darker and a soft texture (approximately 20 minutes with 200 C (392 Fahrenheit) - always depending on the width of your slices.
Using the oven it is convenient to stuff it full and keep some of the stuff in the freezer for out of season cooking. In  fact, this is what I did during fall and now I still had some of the slices left which I simply defrosted, covered it with small bits of gorgonzola and put it for an instant in the microwave.

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