Friday, November 6, 2015

Quince carpaccio

Now, in fall season, our quince tree left us with lots and lots of quinces. Some of them were given to others and with the rest we have to be creative. The classic recipe for quinces are jams and jellies but that isn't enought. I already made cakes with quinces and quince mustard (great together with goat cheese) and now I am trying quince carpaccio, quince vinaigrette and quince and pumpkin stew. Another interesting recipe was for quince punch - great for the cold fall days. I discovered that my dogs, which are great apple and pear eaters, also like raw quince, so that makes part of their diet, too. Although - actually we had two quince trees last year but the puppies peeled off the whole bark and the poor tree dried out and died.
Now for the quince carpaccio.
I grated one quince - it is important to sprinkle lemon or lime juice at once, otherwise the pieces won't keep their yellow color but go to a kind of ugly brown - and mix it. Then add some salt. I had a grapefruit in the fridge which I added, in the style of a vegetarian ceviche.  I must say, the aroma of quince and grapefruit combined perfectly and were a great side dish to the roasted prawns I made. -

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