Thursday, June 25, 2015


One of my favorite podcasts where two people talk about food for more than one hour is always mentioning burgers. In the end I couldn't resist and got myself some minced meat and buns for making a cheese burger.

It is still fast food, even if you make it yourself. Took me about 20 minutes and that is just the same time you need to get out of your house and drive to the burger place to buy it, if you are not actually living over the place, so have a try.

The minced meat is fresh, not one of those frozen patties, cheese is a leftover smoked raclette cheese from winter which I still had in the freezer. Of course you need onions but if you cook regularly you will have that at home as well. Salad is from my salad glut garden.

First cut the onion in small small cubes and roast it in olive oil until they have a glassy appearance, not too much, they mustn't become brown.
In the meantime you form the patties with your hands, as you see they aren't as beautiful as the bought ones and they fall a little apart because I didn't add any egg or flour, I just wanted them natural. If you wish to make them more beautifully formed, you can do this in a different way:
This is what I do when I make my German version of burgers: I put a handful of white bread crumbs in water or milk until they are soft, add an egg and mix it with the raws meat. Doing this you get a more coherent mixture which can be formed more easily.
Put the onions aside and fry the meat, adding a little salt and ground black pepper.

I roasted the buns also for giving them a crispy touch, here I added some ketchup, mustard and the salad leaves

Pickles are a must for me, as you see, the cheese is already melted. I put it in the pan at the end together with the meat for some time. Doing this I recommend to use a coated pan, otherwise the cheese will glue to your pan and not your burger meat, that would be a pity.

Ready, go. I know these buns won't win a beauty contest but the roasted texture was great. 

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