Saturday, June 27, 2015

Chick pea salad

A really simple summer dish which also goes really well with a barbecue is this one:
Dried chick peas are always good to have at home, they don't go bad because they are dried and are easy to cook. If I remember to do this in time, I let them soak in water for one day, then rinse them thoroughly and put them in hot water to cook for about half an hour. If you didn't let them soak it takes a little more time. Remember to put salt only in the end, otherwise your cooking time will increase considerably.
Since I am lucky to always have aragula in my garden - even more than I would wish for - during spring until fall I just have to get outside to get my portion.
The cooked chick peas are combined with the aragula, a couple of cherry tomatoes, mint (from the garden) and seasoned with olive oil, a little lemon and salt.

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