Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Salad glut and how to fight it - first idea

We have really great salat in the garden, planted some time ago. Unfortunately salads tend to come all at once - and es much as I like salad - they got the better of us. So tonight there will be a new experiment, there was a recipe of a French salad soup on the internet. Soup is always good, especially as it isn't that hot here right now. So this will be the first one to try.

I mean - have a look at this salad field, it is also a pity to let it waste.

Ingredients (I won't put quantities):
olive oil, shallots and garlic, salad, cooked potatoes, salt and nutmeg

 Heat up some olive oil, throw in chopped shallots and garlic

Add the salad

Braise for a couple of minutes (5-10)

I had already cooked potatoes which I added.
Add salt and nutmeg.

Now this is a trick - I had some bacon left in the fridge, put it in a kitchen paper, roll it up and put it for a minute in the micro wave

I comes out really crispy because the lard is soaked up by the paper

Pass the mix of salad, potatoes and spice with a blender, add spoonful of sour 
cream and the cut bacon.
If vegetarian - without bacon, if vegan without bacon and sour  cream.

Preparation time - if you have cooked potatoes: no more than 15 minutes.

You might want to change the taste of it, so try this:
add some grated cheese, make it more hot with chili, vegan: add some roasted pumpkin seeds or sun-dried tomatoes, just try.

The soup is also great for putting into the freezer for a fast meal when you don't have the time to prepare - put some ice cubes in it and eat it cold on a hot summer day.

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